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Fruitomed Immunia Synergy

Natural health product certified by Health Canada (NPN: 80089780)


  • Powerful natural antioxidant (protects cells and reduces oxidative stress)
  • Modulates and regulates the immune system to maintain optimal health.
  • Helps relieve inflammatory pain.
  • Promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota (prebiotic action and naturally regulates intestinal transit).
  • Contributes to greater energy and alertness through a balanced and healthy immune system.
  • Ensures better recovery after physical exertion.

POLYPHENOLS extracted from the 5 most antioxidant fruits in Quebec.
Elderberries | haskap | Wild blueberry | chokeberry | Cassis

High concentration of 67 polyphenols of the class of flavonoids, mainly in: ANTHOCYANINS, QUERCETINS, RUTINS, RESVERATROLS, PROANTHOCYANIDINS, DIHYDROMYRICETINS, CATECHINS, etc. Molecules with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunomodulatory, anti-influenza, etc. properties. The health benefits of these molecules are optimized through their combination (synergy).

Concentrated formula… Dose of 5 ml/day (1 teaspoon).
24 days / bottle.

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