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Haakaa, Silicone Feeding Tube Kit

The Silicone Feeding Tube Kit helps you overcome some common problems by connecting a bottle of fortified milk to your breast through a tube, which helps deliver a constant, controllable flow of milk to the baby at the breast. Through the use of the silicone feeding tube, both mother and baby can experience the natural physical sensation of breastfeeding, while encouraging the mother to breastfeed and ensuring the baby receives a adequate nutrition.

  • Made with food grade silicone and polyformaldehyde.
  • The flow regulator ensures a constant flow of liquid.
  • It provides extra nutrition to the baby, while giving mother and baby the feeling of being breastfed.
  • Long, thin tube for discreet and inconspicuous use.
  • Added flow control when used with Haakaa Gen squeeze bottles. 3.
  • Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.


Insert the inlet and outlet tubing into the ends of the tubing adapter. Pass the end of the outlet tube through the flow regulator.
Push the thick inlet tube down through the X-shaped opening on the variable rate nipple and pull it out until it's long enough to reach the milk in the bottle. Attach the teat to the bottle.
Place the end of the thin outlet tube 1 or 2 cm from your pacifier and secure it with medical tape.
Introduce your baby into your pacifier, then gently place the fine outlet tube into their mouth to begin feeding.
If you use the Haakaa Gen. 3, Squeeze the silicone bottle body to control milk flow. Increase the pressure on the bottle to increase the speed of milk flow or decrease the pressure to slow it down.
If you are using another bottle with an X-shaped variable flow nipple, simply place the bottle in an elevated position, higher than the end of the outlet tube, to begin milk flow.
You can also use the flow controller to manage the milk flow speed, adapting it to your child.

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