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HEALTH goes through IMMUNITY


The only natural product patented and certified "natural source of cysteine, precursor of glutathione for the maintenance of a strong immune system" (Health Canada). " Health Canada Approval »

Unique, superior, beneficial and scientifically proven to enhance and fortify the immune system by raising and renewing glutathione levels, in short, to give vitality and health… These are both qualifiers and characteristics, which eloquently define and distinguish Immunocal whey isolate and its fortified version, Immunocal Platinum; two flagship products in the range of natural solutions offered by the new icon  of the immune segment of well-being and health, the Quebec and Canadian biotec, Immunotec.

Result of more than 35 years of research that we owe to the genius of Dr. Gustavo Bounous, an emeritus researcher of Italian origin, Immunocal® and Immunocal Platinum® contribute to general health, maintaining at their optimal level, the body's natural defense mechanisms, to help cope with aging and many growing environmental problems.

Dr. Allen Somersall who wrote the book relating and revealing the grand adventure of Dr. Bounous, L'Autodéfense de la Cellule, a work incidentally prefaced by the doctor of the Montreal Canadiens, David S. Mulder, says and writes: “Immunocal is a major scientific breakthrough for the immune system that could revolutionize the way medicine is practiced”

The discovery of this pioneer gave birth in 1996 to the company Immunotec, a corporation whose head office is located near Montreal (Vaudreuil, Quebec) and was then followed by the development of other food and nutritional supplements, all both useful and effective for health. (see section IMMUNOTEC RANGE )

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