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The little one etc. "Burst of Flowers"

The little one etc. "Burst of Flowers"


Cushions etc presents you his little etc

Stuff with a mixture of buckwheat hulls and polystyrene microbeads.

Bolsters Cushions etc

Breastfeeding, posture, yoga...

Small and versatile!

Our small etc is an ideal additional support when you give your baby a drink. As much for breastfeeding by varying the positions as for giving the bottle. No matter what size you have, it adapts by easily moving the stuffing. It's lightweight, but stays in place very well.

Several care and health centers, including the center The source in itself , uses it during treatments such as, massage therapy , osteopathy , acupuncture and others.

The little etc is essential during yoga class !


Le p'tit etc is composed of a main cover, 100% cotton with prints of different models.

It is padded with 50% buckwheat hulls and 50% expanded polystyrene micro-beads (2% recycled plastic and 98% air) which makes it lighter than cushions stuffed only with hulls of brash. The pocket containing the padding is made of 100% polyester and equipped with a zipper, which allows you to remove or add padding at your convenience.


The main cover is easily removed for machine maintenance. (Cold water, regular cycle, avoid the dryer so it does not shrink).

IMPORTANT : The 'le p'tit etc ' cushions do not go in the washer or dryer, given the presence of buckwheat scales. ONLY the cover is washable.