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Book "Abdominals: stop the slaughter!" by Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet

New Marabout edition (New diagrams, text and photos identical to the old edition)
Bestseller nearly 150,000 copies!
Translated into Italian, Spanish and Japanese. English version available on Amazon.

Can doing abs be dangerous? Yes, because the shortening of the rectus muscles, which brings the shoulders and hips closer together, is harmful for the back. It accelerates the descents of organs, can also induce incontinence and does not make the stomach flat. This practice must be denounced. The danger is even greater when adding dumbbells or weights.
But you can also "do abs" while preserving your back, your perineum and improving your silhouette. Without suffering, having fun, varying the exercises, even practicing “virtual” gymnastics. No more repetitive, monotonous, exhausting series and source of lower back pain. Put yourself in "smart abs" (everyday, on the train or with a baby in your arms), powerful abs (basis of martial arts), global work (back, abdominals, perineum).
As in his previous works, the author first gives the elements allowing the understanding of the subject: what are the abdominals for, how do they work, how to make them work while respecting the physiology and doing yourself good, how to control the result of his practice? Then, various levels of practice are offered to the reader. In daily life with series accessible to all, then more difficult series and athletic series. The author then deals with specific cases: maternity, menopause, people with back or perineal problems, post-operative, elderly or people with reduced mobility. In all cases, the practice is presented with great precision, with a lot of illustrations, which makes it possible to spot all the errors.


The author
First a yoga teacher and then a doctor specializing in supporting mothers-to-be and giving birth, Bernadette de Gasquet was confronted, in the context of obstetrics, with the need for very precise mechanical bodywork. Any error in position is punished with pain during pregnancy and difficulties for birth. Her perineology consultation led her to observe the effects of poor bodily practices and the consequences of abdominal pressure, particularly during the different stages of maternity or during menopause.
It pursues research both on maternal-fetal biomechanics (with specialists in obstetrical mechanics) and on the notion of posturo-respiratory unit (with specialists in physical medicine, perineology, gastroenterology, urology and gynecology).


The audience
Empty head is not synonymous with a flat stomach and vice versa! This book is for all those who want to keep or regain their figure and tone, and who have experienced or sensed the dangers of certain practices, which are otherwise not very motivating.
It allows you to work alone or otherwise manage the exercises usually offered, to integrate the principles of protection of the back and the perineum in sports practices and daily life. And this even in the particular moments of life which modify the bodily balance.
This book can also help professionals to adapt their practices to the possibilities of patients or students, and to monitor their proper implementation.
It concerns all those who believe that "physical education" leads to the autonomy of those who practice it.


In the field that concerns us, the choice is vast in bookstores, with works often very well presented. As for the content, if it is in four colors, as a general rule we always stick to the same proposals, around two exercises: lying down and pedaling scissors... It was therefore time for the subject to be treated with a wide choice of exercises, in the whole body balance and respect for physiology.

The table of contents


First chapter. The abdominals: functioning and dysfunction
Chapter 2. Abdominals and daily life
Chapter 3. Fundamental program: strengthening the transverse
Chapter 4. Practice: series for everyone
Chapter 5. Exercises to go further
Chapter 6. Different, subtle, imaginary abs
Chapter 7. Special cases


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Reader's Notes

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