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"Anti-Itch Ointment" by Chanv

In small jars, the best ointments!

Redness, cracks, small sores, crevices, itching and irritation will be a thing of the past after using this ointment. It's a must to have in your medicine cabinet and it is sure to please the whole family. Its texture in the form of a creamy balm acts in depth to help you reduce these small inconveniences while being gentle on sensitive skin. Filled with natural ingredients, it will become your new friend in cases of "Mommy I fell again" and the "ah, but it doesn't hurt that much" from our favorite badass.

It is also a must for your trips to the cottage or to the beach, or to soothe weakened skin after days in the great outdoors. Our Anti-Itch Ointment will help you regain smooth, healthy-looking skin in a snap!

Format: 60mL


◗ Relieves burns, cuts and insect bites

◗ Reinforces the skin's moisture barrier, allowing it to better protect itself on a daily basis

◗ Deeply hydrates by trapping moisture to lastingly reduce cracks, chapping and crevices

◗ Immediately soothes irritation caused by dry skin

◗ Suitable for sensitive, damaged skin prone to eczema and psoriasis


Take care to wash your hands before applying the ointment.

Apply in a thin layer and massage gently to make the ointment penetrate. You can repeat the process as many times as desired.

Do not apply to an open wound.

Store your tube away from light and moisture to preserve the ingredients at their best.


Chanv™ oil : This oil is characterized by a perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 which optimizes its absorption, thus providing the skin with deep hydration. Highly nutritious thanks to its vitamins and minerals, it stimulates the regeneration of the skin which then manages to better protect itself.

Italian helichrysum essential oil: This is a valuable ally for effectively relieving and calming irritations of dry skin. This oil stimulates the cell regeneration process which allows the skin to regain its suppleness and elasticity. Perfect for skin prone to rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.

Palmarosa essential oil: This oil in turn promotes the regeneration, hydration and soothing of dry, sensitive and damaged skin. Your skin regains all its strength and will therefore be able to protect itself.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Combining Tea Tree Oil with Chanv™ Oil offers an incredible synergy that helps to permanently diminish cracks, chapping and cracks caused by dry skin.

Alcohol-free, GMO-free, phthalates-free, paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free, petrolatum-free formula (well, no chemicals that dry out, irritate or mess up your skin).


Chanv™ Oil (Omega 3, 6 and 9), Grapeseed Oil (Regenerating), Beeswax (Protector), Essential Oil of Lavender Angustifolia (Soothing), Essential Oil of Palmarosa (Antioxidant), Essential Oil of Tea Tree (Natural Preservative), Italian Helichrysum Essential Oil (Anti-Aging), Rosemary Extract (Antioxidant)

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