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Plagiocephaly Lateral Positioning Cushion


Flat Head / Plagiocephaly

The ADJUSTABLE side cushion is the real prevention of flat heads in infants from birth to 4 months.

Whether it is a flattening located on the right or left side of the back of the skull (Plagiocephaly) or whether it is a flattening of the entire back of the skull (Brachycephaly), the The only valid and effective treatment for these flattened heads is to remove the support that caused the deformation.

Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractors are completely justified to release tension in the neck and restore good amplitude in the movements of rotation and inclination of the head.

But when bone flatness has set in, positional treatment must be helped quickly, before the flatness worsens and becomes unrecoverable.

The lateral positioner cushion is made up of 2 foam triangles connected to each other, allowing the child's body to be positioned semi-laterally at 45°. The child's head, which follows the body, is also placed laterally, on the chosen side. The large triangle supports the child's back; the child's lower arm rests on the upper edge of the small triangle.

In case of unilateral posterior flattening, the child will be positioned only on the side which avoids the support. In case of flattening of the entire back of the skull, the child will be placed alternately on the left and right sides, 1 day out of 2 or after 1 milk intake out of 2.

On a practical level, it is first of all during the day, in the presence of awake adults, that the child will be placed on his cushion. He will sleep there permanently during the day. In the event of significant deformity from the outset, the pediatrician will decide with the parents on the placement of the cushion for the night as well.

If the infant is only a few weeks old, the child may not be properly propped up and will reposition themselves on their back. An adaptable version of this Delta ™ cushion according to the build of the child is now available.

The earlier the positional treatment is started, the faster the recovery. After 5 months, the cranial ossification is well advanced and the recovery very uncertain.

In all cases the cushion will be removed around 4 months and a half, when the child often shows his desire to tilt his body on his stomach.

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