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Capucin Homeopathic Medicine "The Liver"

To relieve constipation as well as gastric reflux!

Size: 50 mL


This homeopathic formula, approved by Health Canada , has many benefits. For example, this product can help with skin problems, acidity problems or digestive problems. It is particularly used in the following situations:

  • Eczema;
  • Dry skin;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Baby acne;
  • Cap/Cradle;
  • Prevention of gastroenteritis (In case of symptom(s), see Little Capuchin Soldier !);
  • Gastric reflux;
  • Constipation;
  • Bloating;
  • Persistent nasal congestion (See also the decongestant formula Little Capuchin Nose !);
  • Bad breath;
  • Jaundice.

This product helps unclog an overloaded liver. It helps, among other things, the body to eliminate toxins, preservatives, colorings and/or food additives. With a healthier body, it is easier to prevent or cure many health problems!

Usage tips

Homeopathic recommendations:

  • Take at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking.
  • Hold for 15 seconds under the tongue.
  • Keep in a dark place.
  • Avoid exposure to a heat source.


  • Use 2 to 3 times a day, for prevention or as soon as symptoms appear.
  • In case of acute attack , repeat every 15 to 60 minutes until symptoms improve for a maximum of 12 times per day.
  • In addition to Capuchin Liver, during the duration of the treatment, we recommend that you:
    • drink the Chlorophyll ;
      • For children, give 1-3 times a day at half a teaspoon in water.
    • and take probiotics like Bifido Flora Force .
      • Always give the Capuchin Liver first;
      • wait 10 to 15 minutes;
      • and give the probiotics afterwards.
    • Thus, the toxins eliminated by the liver will be quickly processed and eliminated by the intestine!

Easy to use, one dose is equivalent to:

  • Infants (0-12 months): 2 sprays;
  • Children (1-5 years): 4 sprays;
  • Children (6-11 years): 6 sprays;
  • Adolescents/Adults (12 years and over): 8 sprays.


Medicinal ingredients: Carduus marianus 7 CH, Chelidonium majus 7 CH, Cinchona officinalis 6 CH, Nux vomica 7 CH, Lycopodium clavatum 6 CH, Podophyllum peltatum 7 CH.

Nonmedicinal ingredient: Alcohol and purified water.

Contraindications and adverse reactions: None known.

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Consult a health care practitioner: if you have a fever, new symptoms, or symptoms that worsen for more than 48 hours.
  • Discontinue use if symptoms persist or do not improve within 7 days of taking this homeopathic medicine.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.
  • Store in a dry, cool place away from light

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