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Childbirth Book: The DeGasquet Method

The author has been supporting parents for more than 25 years and has trained more than half of maternity wards in France and many teams abroad in this postural support before and after birth.

A single watchword: the well-being of the future mother, for the well-being of the baby...

It's the woman who knows what the right position is, at all times.

The dad is very involved in rocking, massaging and supporting the future mother.

During labor : Dr. de Gasquet presents several adaptations of postures and mobilizations thanks to simple and usual accessories: cushions, balls, bathtubs, suspensions... the pain is reduced, the efficiency of contractions optimized, the baby's oxygenation increased , even in the case of an epidural.

For birth: Dr. de Gasquet is at the origin of a more physiological method of pushing, close to the reflex, to spare the problems of perineum.

The postures, adaptable to all tables and compatible with the monitoring of the baby's heart, allow the pelvis to be opened and progress to be made easier, without giving up medical safety.

The author expresses herself in simple words (those she uses in preparation classes!), and illustrates with numerous photos and diagrams the proposals for postures accessible to all: sitting, lying on your back or side, squatting , standing, on all fours…

A new delivery table adaptable to all sizes of mothers and all variations of postures is presented in preview.

Book to watch "the form near baby, Gasquet method"

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