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Book My Baby Will Not Be Flatheaded

In the 1970s, pediatricians recommended that babies be put to sleep only on their stomachs: it took almost twenty years to realize that this position was directly related to the alarming increase in sudden infant deaths.

The abandonment of this recommendation has allowed a spectacular drop in the number of deaths. A resounding victory for a medicine that seems to have forgotten that it was at the origin of the drama...

Today, to avoid all risks, a new rule is imposed on parents: sleeping only on their backs and this from birth. In defiance of the pressure that this position exerts on the back of the skull of the newborn, which is very malleable during the first months. And in defiance of an epidemic increase in the number of cranial deformities whose consequences are not only aesthetic a flat head, but possibly vertebral or psychomotor.

When will medicine be able to rediscover “common sense”? This fight against plagiocephaly brings together doctors Thierry Marck, pediatrician, and Bernadette de Gasquet, doctor specializing in birth preparation and post-delivery support. It is imperative to organize the screening, learn to observe a skull and measure a deformation, develop an effective prevention policy, and if necessary not let the hour of restorative treatment pass.

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