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NUMU Breathable Mattress

The breathable baby mattress

Size 130 cm / 70 cm

About this article

  • Innovative Baby Mattress: Specially designed for newborns and growing infants, these crib mattresses help wick away sweat, moisture and fluids, as well as expelled CO2 for superior sleep security to protect babies small children.
  • Targeted safety for baby with every breath: We have developed a unique mattress for your bassinet with a permeable screen that increases airflow and circulation, which is important to prevent breathing problems when your baby is lying on their stomach.
  • COOL, BREATHABLE, ALL NIGHT COMFORT: Our premium breathable mattress not only helps liquids and air pass through more easily, the soft supportive foam helps wick away sweat and moisture to be softer too on sensitive skin.
  • Better sleep for both of you: A Numu Sleep bassinet mattress helps your baby sleep more comfortably and deeply during long afternoon naps and throughout the night, so you can both get some rest a little easier and wake up focused and refreshed.
  • Washable Mattress Cover: This baby sleep mattress is equipped with a removable mattress cover that is machine washable to make it easier to keep it clean between messes, accidents and sweaty sleep cycles as you go as your baby grows.

The best way to sleep for your baby.

Size 130 cm / 70 cm

Why is the Numu mattress breathable?

A breathable mattress is one that allows better air circulation, so that the carbon dioxide exhaled by the baby, when breathing, disperses quickly. In this way, the available oxygen levels increase.

The Numu mattress, including the breathable sheet, allows the best level of air circulation among all breathable mattresses, thanks to its innovative design, making it one of the safest sleeping environments for children. We like to say that it's not the mattress that breathes. With Numu, your baby breathes. Numu represents an evolution in terms of mattresses. It is a step forward compared to old mattresses, foam or springs.

What is the difference between the Numu mattress and other “breathable” mattresses currently on the market?

In a survey of several "breathable" mattresses, Numu was found to be the only mattress capable of maintaining a carbon dioxide removal level below 1.2%, which is the maximum environmental level recommended by the National Institute for safety and health at work. (NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Israel). ) The superior air circulation of the Numu mattress and its exclusive design also prevent overheating, accumulation of liquids and other fluids, making it easier to clean.

Is the Numu mattress safe for my child?

Yes, Numu is made of a single permeable mesh/net, stretched over a robust structure. The unique quality of this screen allows for comfort, strength and durability combined with free air circulation, temperature regulation and fluid flow through. In a study conducted at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, the new mattress was found to have superior properties with regard to air passage and carbon dioxide accumulation and dissipation compared to known mattress values. and regularly used bedding materials. This feature is important for babies during the first year of life and especially in situations where breathing is only possible through the mattress, for example when they are prone to sleep or when the face is covered with a blanket or pillow. All liquids, including water, regurgitated food, vomit or urine, penetrate the mattress.

In infants with gastroesophageal reflux disease (commonly called reflux) or during periods of respiratory illness, regurgitated food and mucus penetrate the surface of the mattress, preventing secondary aspiration. The mattress has been tested and approved by the Israel Institute of Standards in the following areas: puncture, tear and fire resistance, and with toxic materials testing.

Is the Numu mattress hypoallergenic?

Yes! The Numu mattress does not allow the accumulation of allergens. Allergens are commonly found in our homes and include: animal dander, chemicals (anti-retardants often used in common mattresses), or House dust mites (HDM), found in dust samples surfaces of mattresses, bed clothing, upholstered furniture (e.g. sofas) and rugs. HDMs are known allergic triggers that correlate with allergic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis. HDM does not survive on the surface of the Numu mattress, whereas in standard mattresses, HDM not only survives, but also reproduces and proliferates.

In Australia, Numu has been identified and approved by the Australian National Asthma Council as a Sensitive Choice product, meaning a recommended option for children with allergies or asthma.

What sets the Numu mattress apart from other anti-allergic mattresses?

House Dust Mites (HDM) are microscopic creatures that require high humidity, moderate temperature, and an adequate food source, particularly human skin, for ideal growth. The greatest numbers of dust mites are usually found in dust samples taken from the bare surfaces of mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture (e.g. sofas) and carpets. The correlation between exposure to dust mites and the development of allergic diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis, has been documented in numerous studies.

In a study conducted at Hadassah Hospital School of Medicine, HDM survival on the new surface (Numu mattress) was compared to survival on standard mattresses. HDM could not survive on this new surface, while dust mites not only survived, but also reproduced and proliferated on standard mattresses. In order to achieve the same levels of cleaning, methods such as frequent vacuuming and cleaning of standard mattresses and linens, as well as the use of barrier methods to prevent the inhalation of dust mite allergens.

What type of bed/cradle is recommended for the Numu mattress?

The Numu mattress fits any rectangular bed (baby bed or child's bed). We love this type of question because we think the mattress should be the main culprit when purchasing the bed and crib (the baby will spend about 60% of their time on the mattress and not in the bed or crib! an aesthetic decision, while the mattress has a direct impact on baby's safety).

Will the Numu mattress be strong enough?

The mesh surface is stretched over the structure, creating high tension, giving the mattress unique orthopedic qualities and can support up to 400 kg without tearing.

The tension is maintained for a long time and is recommended for babies up to 25 kg, whether lying, standing or jumping!

What happens if you tear the mattress a little?

The screen/net has been designed not to break, even with a weight of 100 kg. In the event of accidental breakage, contact us at

Will my child be cold on the Numu mattress?

Not! Normal mattresses are insulating and warm the baby's body underneath. With Numu, the temperature the baby feels under will be the same as above (room air). As long as the baby is well dressed and the room is kept at the recommended temperature (around 20° - 22°C), he will not feel cold and will also feel much better on hot summer nights.

Does Numu prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?

Numu reduces SIDS risk factors like no other mattress. Making it a safer mattress for your baby.

To date, no one knows exactly what the direct causes of SIDS are, although risk factors have been identified. The main ones are heating, CO2 accumulation, lack of air circulation and the accumulation of house dust mites.

Numu was designed to reduce these risk factors. Scientific and clinical research has been conducted to support these claims. No other mattress prevents overheating, CO2 buildup, and dust mites like Numu does, and no other mattress allows air to circulate like Numu.

The approval of Numu by the National Asthma Council of Australia is based on these studies of Numu.

The number one recommendation for safe sleep to reduce SIDS factors is to put your baby on his or her back. Many parents worry when babies start rolling over and lying on their stomachs. With Numu you can be sure that, even with your face facing the mattress, your baby should be able to breathe freely (try it yourself).

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