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Book "Perineum, stop the massacre!" by Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet

The reference on the perineum. more than 30,000 copies!
Translated into Italian and Japanese. 1st sale on Amazon Japan on the theme of the perineum!

Bad postures, series of disastrous abdominals, harmful sports practices for the body, childbirth, often badly managed postpartum, constipation, incontinence, multiple pains: stop the massacre!

Faced with the magnitude of the problem, perineal rehabilitation has become systematic after childbirth, promising compensation for all. Abdominal gymnastics, often catastrophic, incorporates the word perineum “for the sake of form”. However, incontinence surgery is growing exponentially among younger and younger women...
It's time to address not the symptoms but the cause. This book, in line with the famous "Abdominals, stop the massacre", denounces and demonstrates the avoidable errors which lead to manufacture perineal problems. It offers a detailed, accessible and illustrated education, without false modesty or unnecessary medical jargon, allowing self-monitoring and the integration of good gestures into everyday life.

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