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Physiomat SPORT Belt

The Physiomat support belt offers an innovative, comfortable and practical solution for sportswomen who wish to protect their back and perineum.
- in athletes who put a lot of strain on the mobility of the pelvis and spine and increase abdominal pressure.
- for hyperlaxes
- in case of sacro-iliac, lumbar, knee pain,
- for women who have stress incontinence, feelings of pelvic heaviness, organ descents.
mode of action
Unlike lumbar belts which immobilize the lower back and provide passive support, the belt leads to active repositioning by giving a correct base at the level of the pelvis.
Several scientific studies have shown that there is automatically straightening, self-growth, refocusing. The camber decreases, the center of gravity shifts, the stability increases. This strengthens the deep musculature of the back, abdominal muscles (sheathing) and perineum. The viscera no longer dip forward, breathing and circulation are improved, as well as sports performance (increased distal strength, less fatigability)
Advice for use and installation of the belt:
The belt is placed on the pelvis horizontally, at the level of the sacroiliac joints behind, just at the level of the coxo femoral joint on the sides and at the upper edge of the pubic symphysis in front. The belt is placed on the clothes and does not require undressing to put it on and take it off. The tightening is guided by the feeling of comfortable support without compression.
Advantages of the PHYSIOMAT belt
No risk of addiction: wearing the belt works the back muscles and strengthens the lower part of the abdominals. Self-growth is in itself a work of anti-gravity reinforcement. Wearing it regularly during exercise will allow you to position yourself better on a daily basis and to find the same support without the belt.
No circulatory risk: the belt does not compress vessels
and promotes mobility. Unobtrusive and discreet, it can be placed and removed
without undressing.
The + of the Parisian PHYSIOMAT belt
The belt was designed especially for athletes. Anti-slip silicone strips have been inserted to make the belt less mobile during exercise.

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